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Catalog of favorites

I’ve scoured my house and computer history to pull together Craft-astic people, places, and things to share with y’all.

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(I value honesty and transparency with my blog. I only link to items I have bought myself, use, and would tell you about if you came over to my house.)
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Blog Love

There are amazing women doing wonderful things across the interwebs.

Some are spreading the gospel and some are DIY-ing their way into my heart but they all have one thing in common.

Community over Competition.

Sarah is the real deal.

She should win an award for most supportive friend on the internet.

She makes me want to paint everything white, drink too much coffee, and curl up in her office to wash all my cares away.

Terryn’s heart is on display throughout her site.

Her courses, recipes, tips on organization, meal planning, and blog resources are all focused on helping YOU succeed.

As a work-from-home mom of 7, Terryn knows what it means to plan well and succeed.

I am studying 1 and 2 Peter with Lisa and getting so much out of her studies.

She has quite a few FREE studies that will help you understand the Bible better and grow your walk with Christ.

Quiet Time Resources

This is the bible I drooled over during the Kindness Challenge Giveaway.

If you want to dive into bible journaling but don’t know how/where to start, this bible is the answer.

I use this site when I’m doing bible study.

It has 6 concordances, 27 dictionaries, 93 commentaries, and 8 encyclopedias.

I still can’t find Titus or Philemon without singing the Books of the Bible song, but this is my go to source for everything else.


Right now I am OBSESSED with this podcast.

I am NOT a writer (sounds weird since I blog- but that’s another story) but Emily P. Freeman and Myquillyn Smith (aka “The Nester”) have me crying in my car on the way home from homeschool co-op drop off.

Annie is the definition of fun.

Grab a cup of something yummy and settle in for a treat.

Shop Small

Beautiful journals, bible study tools, notepads, planners, and mugs.


The Inspiration candle is my favorite. I don’t even have it lit and I can still smell it. LOVE!

I have the Soar T-shirt (based on Isaiah 40:31) and wear it #allthetime.

Thank you Heart Work Tees for offering sizes XS-3XL.

Quilting Tools I Can’t Live Without

These frosted rulers are my absolute MUST have.

No glare, non slip, and because of the frosted acrylic you can see the lines on light and dark fabric. 

I have them in 2 different sizes.

The only rotary cutter I use.

The “hand trigger” retracts when I’m not cutting and is comfortable to hold.

I’ve owned the same 60mm size for over 15 years and will only switch when Olfa decides to listen to me and offer it in colors other than yellow.


If you do a lot of fussy cutting or applique, RUN over to Amazon and get these!

Large holes for your fingers, cushioned handles, super sharp tips, and the blades have little “teeth” so the fabric won’t slip as your cutting.

Thin, strong, and TONS on a spool.

Oh, Auriful thread, how I love thee.

Just for Fun

Alternative name “I loved these so much I Instagrammed about them!” These bars were GONE the moment I put them out at a community get together.

Nail Polish

Mrs. Always Right by Essie

This is what I referred to as my passive aggressive nail polish on one of my Facebook Live videos..

It does wonders when you have the urge to make it known that you’re totally right and HE’s wrong. (But that’s not Christ-like.)

Instead, I just put this nail polish on.

Urban Decay Lipstick


This lipstick cracks me up.

A young and vibrant Sephora makeup expert selected this color for me.

It makes me feel like I’m “Hip” and “With it”.

After 22 years of marriage, I’ll take any help I can get.

Catalog of resources

If you’re a frequent flyer or just need absolute QUIET when working, you want these headphones.

We’ve replaced the ear cushion things twice because I wear them all the time.

I love them, use them daily, and cannot quilt without them.

Cherry Dr Pepper

The love I have for a frosty glass of Red 40 is wrong.

Super cold, lots of ice, and with a straw.

Always a straw.

Please and Thank You.

I’ll be adding to this catalog of favorites as I read, listen, create, and google the days away.

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