5 things I’ve FALLen in Love with in August

fall-title “I’m in love- I’m in love- and I don’t care who knows it!” -Buddy The Elf

That’s how I feel about Fall.

Give me changing leaves, cooler temperatures, pumpkin anything, streusel topped apple pie, snuggling under a blanket by the fire and crock pot cooking.

Give me leggings, oversized sweaters and fuzzy socks! #alldaylong  (The more clothes I have on, the cuter I am! )

Did I ever tell you about my first experience with “skinny jeans”?

I went to buy a pair of boots to go over my “skinny jeans” but none of the boots I tried on looked right.

After 45 minutes of frustration I asked the sales girl, “What’s wrong? I can’t find a pair of boots that look right with my “skinny jeans.”

The salesgirl looked at me and said (very kindly), “Ma’am. It’s because your “skinny jeans” aren’t skinny enough.” (What she meant was the jeans I bought were not TIGHT to my legs)

Story of my Life!!!!

Now I stick to leggings and my muffin top thanks me for it!

With August coming to an end and Fall quickly approaching, I thought I’d share a list of things I’ve loved this month!

(*Full disclosure: None of the people or things I am going to talk about even know of my existence…Unless they’re on Instagram and I’ve attacked their feed with HEARTS and comments about drooling or swooning!!)

5 things I’m Falling in Love with this Month 

1. Time! I have 6 WHOLE hours one day a week that are MINE MINE MINE!! I’m shirking ALL of my adult responsibilities to savor every single minute up in my studio. Sewing, planning, touching fabric, and doing it in LEGGINGS!!

2. Podcasts!  I wear headphones while I sew and prefer audiobooks and podcasts instead of music. Two of my favorites this month are Sit and Sew Radio and While she Naps.

3. Getting Mail OTHER than bills! I signed up for a 3 month subscription to Stash Builder Box . Besides the excitement of getting FABRIC in the mail, 20% of the proceeds go to charity.

4. Getting my LongArm Quilting Groove back. I talked about Life Lessons I learned from LongArm Quilting and have spent a lot of time on my machine this month. I was on Pinterest (of course) and came across this skill builder template by Reannalily Quilts.

I posted pictures on Instagram of my work in progress and am really happy with how it turned out.

5. Instagram! Show me what you’re reading, creating, or learning with authenticity and I’m all in! Some of my favorites are @1915house@melaniemredd, @sewsugarbeans, and @elizafaye.

These are just a few things I am loving right now.

September I will be FALLing madly, deeply, and completely!

I will be decorating my front porch, stitching up some Fall projects, and sharing an interview with y’all.

What are you FALLing in love with?




4 thoughts on “5 things I’ve FALLen in Love with in August

  • Judi August 30, 2016 at 9:50 am

    Rebecca, Great page. You do wonderful work on this as well as so many other things. You are truly blessed……………..and your mom is to have you for a daughter. Keep up the inspiring work.

    • Rebecca Williamson September 5, 2016 at 9:26 am

      That is incredibly sweet of you to say, Judi. I appreciate you taking time to read my blog!

  • Sarah September 3, 2016 at 8:12 pm

    I’m so late reading this post- and as always, you’ve got me giggling as you chat about skinny jeans and leggings. I’m SO with you regarding all things FALL! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. ?? And what a sweet surprise to find out that I’m one of your fave IG accounts! (Especially because my IG game is lacking- but you’ve made my day by giving me a shout out!) XOXO ??

    • Rebecca Williamson September 5, 2016 at 9:24 am

      You Rock, Sarah! Keep on hashtagging, friend!

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