• Unpack on Purpose

    Unpack on PurposeBig changes are all around me and I’m practicing my breathing exercises as I unpack boxes.

    Step 1

    Stop holding my breath!

    Step 2

    When I start breathing again, make sure I have a paper bag to breath INTO!

    This is our 11th move in 20 years.

    You’d think the only possessions I’d have to unpack are a toothbrush and clean underwear. (And it will be CUTE underwear. I don’t need people spying my industrial undergarments)

    But…NO!  We were only 200 lbs UNDER our maximum weight allowance. (I’ve never said UNDER and WEIGHT in the same sentence. That felt amazing!!)

    When the truck pulled up with our STUFF, my immediate reaction was to pray my favorite Carrie Underwood prayer, “Jesus Take the Wheel”.  Take the wheel and drive this truck into a river because I don’t want to have to unpack any of this” YOU KNOW WHAT” into my beautiful house!

    There were a few things I was ITCHING to have.

    1. My Longarm Quilt machine. I have missed quilting more that I realized!

    2. My Husbands tools. I have selfish reasons for this.

    3. My couch. No more sitting on patio furniture!

    Yup…3 things out of 1,000’s.

    There are projects I am eager to DO with some of our things, but as The Husband and I unpack mystery item #976 we look at each other and shake our heads!

    Why do we hang on to STUFF?

    Stuff that’s stained or broken.

    Stuff we never use for times we think we may use it?

    Stuff that clutters our closets, cabinets, shelves, homes, and our lives?

    Through this process of purpose, I’ve become acutely aware of what I’ve stored.

    • Boxes FULL of baby items I’ve been unwilling to let go of because it’s HARD to acknowledge that season is over.
    • Bins full of clothes that don’t fit! Enough Said.
    • Gifts from people I love. Is it still a gift if you keep it out of guilt? If I gave a gift and found out that you didn’t use it, like it or had a need for it anymore, I would tell you to GET RID OF IT! That’s easier said than done, though.
    •  “That cost a lot of money when we got it!”  We keep items even though we don’t want it, use it, can’t fix it, doesn’t work, or no longer enjoy because of the cost.

    Unpacking boxes weighs heavy on me.

    I want to create a home for my family to find REST. I don’t want it filled with objects that clutter physical, emotional and spiritual space.

    I want to make room for new.

    In order to do that, I have to say NO to what I’ve held on to.

    No more clothes that don’t fit.

    No more dishes that don’t get used.

    No more stuffed animals to store away “just in case”.

    No more trinkets that stay on a shelf and no longer bring me joy.

    Questions I’m asking as I go through our boxes.

    • Do I Love it?
    • Does it bring me joy?
    • Do I need it?
    • Would I buy it again today?
    • Why have I kept it?

    That last question is difficult to ask and answer honestly.

    Am I keeping something because of what I WISH it could be? Am I holding on to a time, size, or circumstance that is in the past or a made up “what if” scenario?

    Tell me if this sounds familiar:

    A dress hangs in your closet that you will wear even when mopping your floors once you lose the last 5…10…15 lbs.

    Release THAT dream to the Universe!! (of mopping the floors)

    Trinkets displayed so your house looks nice for people who come over to make sure you have nice trinkets?

    Why are you friends with THOSE people??

    Storing special dishes in the hutch for the dinner party the will never happen because you remember after dinner comes dirty dishes and dirty dishes are Satan’s minions!

    Dirty Dishes are Satan's minions! Fight the Good fight and order pizza. Click To Tweet

    As I unpack on Purpose, I challenge you to look around and ask yourself, “What am I holding on to that no longer ADDS value to my life?”





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